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Its Monday Again!!!!

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Battle For Graxia Update 23 may 2013

Game Update for May 23
Posted May 23, 2013

A new game update has arrived that includes the following highlights:

- Fix for Skill Tree tooltips getting stuck and not showing.
- Fixed a Balak Premium Powdered Bullets bug
- Murderhoof's rage bar divisions have been updated
- A new, easier Kyrie bot has been added to Practice mode.
- Increased cooldown between uses for the Scroll of Teleportation/Perfect Boots

Visit the forums for detailed updated notes!

- The Battle for Graxia Team

Signups are now open for the BFG: First Blood Tournament
Posted May 22, 2013

Signups are now open for the first post-launch tournament! Signups close on June 5th with the tournament on June 8th at 10am PST.

For more information about the tournament including detailed rules and prize awards, head over to the tournament discussion thread. Prize details coming soon...

- The Battle for Graxia Team

Daily raffle - Win Murderhoof's skin bundle and a raffle badge
Posted May 22, 2013

Starting tomorrow we will be giving away daily a Murderhoof bundle and a raffle badge!

Each day you play for the next week (starting today) a 5v5 match to completion and win, you will receive a ticket in our system. The more games you complete that day, the more chances you have for winning a bundle!

Visit the forums for details on the giveaway.

- The Battle for Graxia Team

Reddit AMA with Frank Klepacki
Posted May 22, 2013

The reddit AMA with Frank Klepacki has begun! Ask your questions throughout the day on Reddit about his music career and work on the audio in Petroglyph's games.

- The Battle for Graxia Team

Community Spotlight: Nathalp
Posted May 21, 2013

Community member Nathalp talks about Battle for Graxia and his most played Immortal, Ukkonen, in this latest community spotlight!

See why Ukkonen is his favorite in the forums.

- The Battle for Graxia Team

Tournament signups open this Wednesday
Posted May 20, 2013

A reminder that tournament signups open this Wednesday for BFG: First Blood! Here is what you and your team should expect for the event:


- Level 25 required (Not level 25? Get a new level 25 Tome of Discipline in the game store!)
- Full Tournament format to be determined based on signups
- 5v5 game mode for matches
- Teams of 5 required with 2 stand-ins possible
- Saturday tournament day

- The Battle for Graxia Team

Murderhoof is now available to play!
Posted May 17, 2013

The first post-launch Immortal, Murderhoof, is now available to everyone!

Visit the game store to check out his alternate skins.

- The Battle for Graxia Team

New Game Update for May 17
Posted May 17, 2013

- A new user experience for players who have logged into Battle for Graxia for the very first time has been implemented.
- Help buttons have been added to the Crystal Forge as well as the Discipline Tree.
- Also, we fixed the Highlight Particles for artifacts and discipline tree buttons not hiding when a match is about to start.

Stay tuned for Murderhoof's release later today!

- The Battle for Graxia Team

Reddit AMA with Frank Klepacki, Battle for Graxia's Audio Director
Posted May 16, 2013

Frank Klepacki, Audio Director at Petroglyph and on all audio in Battle for Graxia, will be running a Reddit AMA next week, May 22!

Visit the forums to chat about your questions, and don't forget the soundtrack for BFG is available on Steam!

- The Battle for Graxia Team